SIP Basic: two day course covering:

  • Overview and history
  • Message syntax
  • Components: methods and responses, user agents
  • Addressing, transport, DNS, localisation
  • Proxies
  • Simple call flow
  • Transactions, sessions, dialogues
  • NAT
  • Security: FECs (Frequently Encountered Challenges) and issue

SIP Advanced: three day course covering:

  • Quiz and overview on the SIP basics
  • SIP methods and responses in depth
  • SDP in depth
  • Registration and issues
  • Transport
  • Proxies, SIP routing and DNS
  • More complex call flows: call transfer and forking
  • Security:the jungle of encryption, firewalls and NAT
  • Presence and instant messaging
  • SBC's and B2BuA
  • SIP Extensions and near future

SIP Advanced and Troubleshooting: five day course covering:

  • Compressed program of the SIP Advanced course
  • Troubleshooting methods and tools: debugs, wireshark
  • Lab sessions using simulation tools like SIPp, soft clients
  • Analysis of a couple of notorious SIP problems
  • Overview and brief discussion on IMS architecture