Basic VoIP: one day training covering:

  • General telephony principles: PSTN, CO,
  • Analogue telephony: FXO, FXS, E&M, Echo,
  • Digital signaling: T1 & E1 timing and synchronisation, ISDN architecture, ISDN Call flow
  • VoIP:
    • sampling and DSP's: types and voice quality, RTP
    • signaling protocols: overview and comparison
  • Enterprise versus service provider environment: deployed architectures and components

Advanced VoIP: three day training course covering:

  • Course content of Basic VoIP,
  • ISDN in depth: Q.921 & Q.931, call flow
  • VoIP:
    • sampling, quantisation, encoding, algorithms
    • RTP
    • quality: issues and measuring
  • VoIP signaling protocols: H.323, SIP, MGCP, Megaco (H.248): comparison and details, transport protocols
  • DTMF and VoIP: methods and challenges